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Reasons for loosening of expansion screws and solutions


Reasons for loosening of expansion screws and solutions:
1. Fixed to the hollow brick
The editor also encountered such a situation some time ago. The expansion bolts fell off after a short time. At that time, I heard the people decorating the house say that your house is hollow brick, so the expansion bolts must not be fixed properly. It is recommended to cut holes out of the lower expansion bolts, and then use concrete to fill them. That is to say, the place needs to be changed into a concrete wall, and finally the expansion bolts are drilled in this part, so that the expansion bolts can be installed. In the future, heavy objects can be hung without problems.
2. The installation is not in place, causing the nut to loosen.
If you are not a person who often installs expansion screws, you may miss a little, that is, when you install the expansion screws, you must fully expand them, and they have to be screwed until they can't be screwed. Some people are afraid of screwing the sliding buckle. It is recommended not to buy inferior expansion screws. Screws, don't be afraid to install with pure national standard expansion screws, you must screw them to the unscrewed position!
3. Product quality problems are caused by slippery buckles.
This kind of problem is too common. It is also a dime expansion screw. The non-standard installation of the slide buckle once, and the second installation, the material, time and labor cost can be more than 30 cents. The consequences of buying low-quality products cheaply, the solution is very simple, buy pure national standard expansion screws at one time!
Reminder: After driving the expansion bolt into the hole on the ground or wall, use a wrench to tighten the nut on the expansion bolt. The bolt goes out, but the outer metal sleeve does not move. Expand the hole so that it fills the entire hole. At this time, the expansion bolt cannot be pulled out.
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